Hardwood Treatment But Classic Finishes

The harder your wood, the better the outcomes for you, perhaps. Not forgetting all practical requirements to do with your next hardwood flooring excursion, like most readers here, you still desire that classical finish. And why not? How about a California Classics hardwood finish then? And imbue yourself with all the natural materials at your disposal.

California Classics hardwood

How about adding elegance to your hardwood installations or repairs? Let a flooring technician strip the wood bare and re-finish it with some smart looking Oregon pine. There’s teak, there’s oak, and then there is still more pine. Pine remains good for those of you operating with shoestring budgets. Laying down the pine does not even begin to come close to the results that the classic materials can produce.

But that is quite alright. The flooring technician can add some lacquer to the new wood surface. Not only is he giving you a new decorative finish, he’s also providing your wood with a dash more protection. And that’s very important, especially if you want to continue operating on that shoestring budget of yours. No protection and that poor wood will be quickly damaged, sooner than you think.

All kinds of things will have caused this damage. There is the regular foot traffic. Consider the shoes people wear and the debris their shoes drop onto the floor. And before the wooden floors are even swept or washed over, the debris has already ingrained itself into the wood and left some really ugly looking scratches that can only ever be removed now with yet another strip job. And so the argument goes with this question.

Would it not be better to spoil yourself with those classic materials right off the bat and then spare yourself the extra expense of having to fix damaged floors later on?